North Pointe Cystems


North Pointe Cystems is a division of Nor Cal Productions dedicated to commercial & concert sound, laser show animations, stage & effect Lighting, video slideshows and projectors, video projection mapping and aerial photography! North Pointe is also the research & development sector of NorCal Productions, where we are constantly developing new technologies to enhance entertainment events with high-impact visuals and effects. Some of our most recent developments have been in the development of automatically flying aircrafts for 1080p filming of events and areas! North Pointe Cystems is paving the way for the future of Audio/Visual entertainment in the Northern California area.

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Commercial & Concert Sound are North Pointe's specialties. We do business functions and other commercial events where, either simple or complex, Public Address (PA) systems are needed. Through our initial consultation, we'll help determine what setup would best be suited for your specific needs. We also handle small to large concert events with our large array of setups custom tailered to your event. Don't hesitate to give us a call, and one of our experts will help you determine what works best for your event and within your budget!

We also handle small to large concert events with our large array of setups custom tailered to your event. Whether you are throwing a backyard party, or putting together large concert event, we've got you covered! Don't hesitate to give us a call, and one of our experts will help you determine what works best for your event and within your budget!

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Laser, Stage & Effect Lighting


Stage Lighting

This type of lighting is what you would expect to see at a concert or tradeshow event where lighting is directed towards the stage to set moods and highlight speakers/muscians. Dimmable washes of light with choices of color. For use of formal events, theater, or live entertainment. Available for rent, starting @ $150. Our expert staff can also be on hand to help setup and tear down for your event.

Effect & Aesthetic Lighting

This is the most creative and time consuming type of lighting. From the simplicity of up-lighting to color a wall or curtain to gobos (“images”) displayed throughout the room. If that is not enough, imagine taking it outside and coloring the landscape. The possibilities are unlimited with the price to match.

Laser Lighting

Looking for that "wow" effect? We have one of the best lasers in Northern California capable of animating graphics for an intense laser light show, or simply writing text or a logo on the wall. Prices vary depending on the scale of the custom laser show. There are so many customization options for an amazing laser light show that we encourage your to speak to one of our representatives today to discuss what is possible for your next event. We are constantly adding and upgrading our full-color lasers to be the North state's premiere laser light show provider.

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Video Projectors


Our primary goal is to make this the happiest, stress-free part of your day.

Video Slideshows

Whether for a wedding, business event, family function or party, we have high-resolution projectors with enough brightness for indoor and outdoor events. Most projectors on the market are for indoor use, where the room is set very dark similar to a movie theater, however we have numerous projectors that a specifically catered towards high-brightness settings like conference rooms, outdoor events and well-lit venues like concerts. Our trained and experienced staff will help you determine what brightness and quality is best suited for your needs.

Projector Rental

Maybe you just need to rent a projector? You can connect our projectors to a wide variety of video devices such as computers, laptops, DVD players and more. If you have some basic knowledge of how to use a projector, we will gladly rent the projector for your event. The price varries depending on the resolution you need and the brightness of the projector.

3D Video Mapping

This is one of the most entertaining effects that can be done with multiple high-brightness, high-resolution projectors. Basically, 3d video mapping is projecting video onto a surface (such as a building, structure, stage, or anything but a typical screen) and giving the effect of exploding walls, water pouring over edges of structures, or anything you can imagine. 3d Projection mapping completely transforms venues into something completely different and surreal. Video mapping is a very expensive, and custom operation. Speak to one of our representatives for more information on how this technology can be applied to your event.

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Aerial Photography


Ultra High-Definition Aerial Photography

At a fraction of the cost of traditional methods! Using one of our "hexa-copters" attached to a RED Epic-X 5k camera, smooth seamless video footage or photos can easily be captured of your event, construction plot, venue or anything else with a true birds-eye view!

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We are very versatile, meaning our pricing can range from as little as $50 for equipment rental to $1,000's for concert sized events. Unlike most other vendors, we do not charge by the hour. We have never subscribed to the idea of “nickel and diming” our customers. We give you one price that includes everything you need from us so you know from the start what your total cost will be. To do that, we need as much information about your event as possible. Please feel free to fill out the following form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.