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Sound SystemsSound

Sound Systems

All of our systems are comprised of the highest quality pro gear available. Using Rane & Soundcraft processing, Crown & QSC power and JBL & RCF speaker cabinets, the sound at your event will be crystal clear and full regardless of the environment or crowd size. Most all of our equipment is available for rent, all the way up to a full size D.J. rig. concert systems are also available with our engineer on board for the job.
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Video ProjectorsVideo Projectors


Video systems work as a great addition to any light show, but they also can be used in a more practical sense as well. Everything from that big slide show at your event to a small power-point presentation at your company meeting. We use high powered projectors and have a wide variety of different size screens. Typical rental for a system is about $175 per day or included in a custom package deal.

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Lighting SetupsLighting Setups and Shows


There is a wide variety of different types of lighting depending on the application. Everything we have available is in one of three categories. Special Effects Lighting, Stage Lighting and Aesthetic Lighting. You can find examples of some of these lighting systems below.
We are experts in the field, and will coordinate and syncronize the lighting portion of your next event.

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Sound ProcessingSound Processing

High-Quality Sound Processing

The quality of the sound also has to do with more components than just speakers! We use high-end RANE and Soundcraft procesing equipment that gives our sound production team the edge over the competition!

Projectors and ScreensProjectors and Screens

Projectors and Screens

We have many different projectors that are suited for all different sizes of rooms and audiences. We also have custom-sized screens for creative placements!

Pin Spot TreesPin Spot Trees

Pin Spot Trees

This is the basis of most light shows. It gives your dance floor that traditional “rock & roll” look. Available for rent @ $50

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Mirror BallMirror Ball

Mirror Balls

Also know as a "disco" ball this is an industry standard. It has an “elegant” look with white light or color of your choice. Great for more classy events (i.e. weddings, proms. etc.). Available for rent @ $35

Beamer LightsBeamer Lights

Beamer Lights

Bright colored beams of light moving to the beat of the music. Available for rent @ $35


Smart LightsIntelligent Lights

Intelligent Lights

Computer controlled systems that can display shapes and colors anywhere in the room, either moving to the beat of the music or fixed. Prices vary depending on how big or small the systems are.

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Fog and HazersFog and Hazers

Fog and Hazers

These devices enhance the rays of light and not to smoke out the room. Fog is OK, for big areas but hazers are always preferred. They are odorless and less obvious. We consider them “school safe” because they don’t irritate anyone.

Black LightsBlack Lights

Black Lights

Ahh yes... Everyone knows this one. A fun addition to any event. Available for rent @ $25



LaserLaser Shows


When you’re looking for that “wow!” effect. Available in red, green, or violet blue. Prices vary depending on size of system.



Last, but not least, the most bang for your buck! A must for most light packages. Available for rent starting @ $25

Stage LightingStage Lighting

Stage Lighting

Dimmable washes of light with choices of color. For use of formal events, theater, or live entertainment. Available for rent, starting @ $150

Aesthetic LightingAesthetic Lighting

Aesthetic Lighting

This is the most creative and time consuming type of lighting. From the simplicity of up-lighting to color a wall or curtain to gobos (“images”) displayed throughout the room. If that is not enough, imagine taking it outside and coloring the landscape. The possibilities are unlimited with the price to match.

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